If abortion being used as a form of contraception is the

1 point submitted 3 hours agoBecause of crap like that, the backup calls are dying out pretty fast. I deactivated the message because I once got kicked during a lvl3 CP and just 2 purples alive, so I didn get the xp or blueprint. The other time around was a guy not needing help, but they wanted to leech gear.

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Canada Goose Jackets My point was simply that if one person did it and wants to keep a low profile, not announcing it to the world, then it wouldn’t surprise me if multiple people wanted to keep quiet about it, which is why many pro choice advocates think that “not many” people would use abortion as a contraceptive. Additionally, you haven’t addressed New Mexico’s proposed bill, HB 51. If abortion being used as a form of contraception is the exception, then please explain HB 51.. Canada Goose Jackets

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